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If you are seeking a bakery who embraces artisanal baking methods, look no further than Boulangerie Des Rosiers. Using only locally sourced grains from certified organic suppliers, we bake bread for people who long for bread that is flavorful and nourishing.

Baking fresh bread every day is a commitment we are dedicated to. Not every bakery offers this and that is why not every bakery produces bread of the same quality we do. Bread is a tradition as old as time, and here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we don't complicate things. We keep our ingredients simple because that keeps our bread tasting delicious and keeps our customers coming back for more.

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The History of Boulangerie Des Rosiers

After two years of baking at home on his time off after his day job, Daniel Des Rosiers developed enough baking expertise to start selling his product at farmers' markets. After partnering with a local flour mill, le Moulin des cedres, and attending many courses throughout Canada and the United States run by well-known and highly accredited bakers, he expanded Boulangerie Des Rosiers to become a full-blown production bakery.

Today, we are operating at total capacity and baking full time. Feel free to come and check out our bakery, inquire about our product and try some of it out yourself. We guarantee that you will be able to taste the quality and the love and hard work put into our bread.

Quality You Can Taste

Delicious bread requires using quality ingredients. As a high-quality artisanal bakery, we treat our grains as a chef de cuisine treats his ingredients: with utmost importance. Being selective about the grain we use ensures a quality product you can taste.

Part of the magic of quality bread is that it is alive. When wheat is grown correctly, it contains something called the "germ." Baking with the wheat germ intact is essential to the flavour and the nutrition of the bread. All the energy, life, nutrition, flavour, and oils that are naturally part of bread are in the wheat germ. Big bread companies remove the germ to make bread that lasts on shelves and in your pantry for weeks – this is not how bread should be consumed.

Why Simple, Freshly Made Bread Is Important

Here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we are conscious about the bread we feed our customers and want to be a part of the fresh bread revolution as best we can. By making fresh, artisanal bread every day and selling it to health food stores all around Montreal and beyond, we show that it is possible to resist unhealthy, big-brand bread.

People have been eating bread since the early days of human civilization and did so without using industrial and "shelf-stable" techniques.

The importance of fresh, artisanal bread is for flavour and for health. It is essential to a well-balanced diet and should be appreciated for the delicacy it is. If you don't believe us, try our bread and see for yourself. We are confident you will be able to notice the difference.

Are You Seeking an Authentic Whole Grain Bakery?

Many grocers, health food store managers, and food fanatics long to fill their shelves with authentic and nutritious bread products. Many simply settle on mass-produced loaves of white bread or organic bread that was baked on the other side of the continent.

For those who want organic bread baked in their very own community, we welcome you to contact us. We create handcrafted sourdough breads baked with care, passion, and artistry. Made with ancient grains freshly milled every day, our loaves crackle with thousands of years of history evident in every airy bite. Our 12-18-hour fermentation process provides the perfect texture, crumb, and flavour—all while helping promote healthy gut bacteria and improve digestion.

Enjoy a Taste of Traditional European Sourdough

Sourdough is the oldest and most esteemed bread-baking method. It’s a slow, gradual process that demands patience and experience, skill and attention. No mass-manufactured bread can compare to the centuries of tradition and hours of labour that go into sourdough.

At Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we combine several European baking traditions to offer a vast array of sourdough breads. Each has been masterfully developed to provide a sumptuous experience that hits all the notes. Caramelized crust, airy crumb, melt-in-your-mouth texture—our breads boast it all.

We specialize in central European baking traditions, combining Slavic, Nordic, and Germanic approaches to give you a delightful taste of the heart of Europe. Indulge and enjoy.

Our specialty breads include:

We also offer a range of gluten-free and low-gluten breads, including buckwheat, quinoa, and teff bread.

Slow Food in a Fast-Paced World: A French Bakery with a Mission

These days it can be incredibly difficult to find time to make wholesome food. Even more difficult is finding someone willing to make it for you for an affordable price. Here, we do the hard work of preparing wholesome and nourishing food for you.

Our loaves are made with careful attention and pride. Our goal has always been to enrich the lives of others through nutrient-rich and fully sustainable baked bread. Even as our business progresses and the world moves more quickly, we pledge to work slowly and patiently.

A French Bakery with a Hands-On Approach: Hand-Folded Dough and More

Excellent bread dough comes from folding dough manually at regular intervals over a lengthy period of time. It allows us to control the gluten’s breakdown process better and gives the dough enough rest-time to develop its cherished flavors.

Other bakeries rely on commercial kneading machines. These machines can knead dough in as little time as six minutes. But we’re not average bakers. For us, this shortcut comes with too much sacrifice to be an option. With this convenience comes the loss of enzyme-rich and robust dough. Dough made from ancient grain is simply much too fragile for those large kneading machines.

After dough is hand-folded, it then undergoes the fermentation process. This stage can take as long as 12 to 18 hours. The slow fermentation process gives the bread a more robust flavor profile. Flavor enzymes are enhanced, and the texture of the dough changes, too. A protracted fermentation stage also gives the dough time to break down its gluten, making the bread more digestible for those with sensitive stomachs.

Our Certified Organic Bakery Produces the Best Tasting Bread

Our bakery is certified organic by Ecocert Canada. This certification doesn’t simply mean we use organic flours or organic pumpkin seeds; rather it takes into account every single ingredient that goes into our bread. Every ingredient in our facility is organic, and we are proud to have earned this certification.

We offer a great range of breads made from different grains and with different methods. Though unique, all our breads have three things in common: tradition, integrity, and flavour. Using ancestral techniques passed down over the centuries, we create rustic breads that offer the ultimate in flavour and texture. Our artisanal process ensures each loaf gets the time and care it needs to taste its best. Baked with love and passion, they’re a delight for all the senses. Hear the crackle as you cut off the first slice. Smell the dazzling aroma of ancient grains wafting in the air. See the blistered, caramelized crust as it comes out of the oven. Feel the smooth, airy crumb as it first touches your tongue—and taste perfection.

Ancient Grains and Modern Tastes: An Organic Bakery with an Eye for Innovation

We are always looking to the past to improve the quality of our bread today, tomorrow, and further in the future. Boulangerie Des Rosiers’s founder, Daniel Des Rosiers, cultivated his approach through experimentation with traditional bread recipes native to regions near and far. This blend of innovation and respect for timeless traditions is what sets us apart.

Our Bakery’s Bread Can Be Found All Over Town

It is no surprise that many people want our bread. To make the fruits of our labor as accessible as possible, we have secured reliable and ethical distributors throughout the Montreal area and beyond. From Val-David to Cotes-des-Neiges, our bread is everywhere.

Conveniently located in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, our flagship bakery is located near the historic Pointe-du-Moulin park: a testament to our commitment to old-fashioned milling and breadmaking. Our breads are available across the island at several sales points, including in downtown Montreal.  Find your closest sales outlet to discover our breads today.

A Gluten-Free Bakery: No Gluten, Extra Goodness

Many people think gluten-free bread is a fad. Others think that if bread doesn’t have gluten, it shouldn’t be considered bread. We beg to differ. We offer a variety of gluten-free bread options whose recipes have been relied upon for centuries.

We use a range of ancient grains that contain no gluten, including buckwheat, quinoa, and teff. We also offer a range of low-gluten breads for those with gluten sensitivity. Want a rich, textured, country-style loaf? Try our Volkornbrot bread. It’s high on rye, low on gluten. Want to try one of the world’s oldest grains—thousands of years older than wheat? Our einkorn bread is just the ticket, and it’s also low on gluten.

Bread is for everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions. At our bakery, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy.

A Whole Grain Bakery Who Works Closely with Organic Farmers

Our many ancient grains come from local farmers based throughout our wonderful province. Relying on locally sourced grains ensures that they always arrive fresh and ready for milling.

We mill the grains ourselves on a stone mill, which allows us to achieve the coarse grain we prefer. While many bakers use fine flour, we prefer coarse flours for its nutrient-rich properties.

Want to Try Our Bread? Visit Our Bakery Today!

Do you wish to count yourself among the many health food stores and outlets that carry our bread? Contact us at Boulangerie Des Rosiers.

Our breads are available downtown and across the island, as well as at our flagship bakery in Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot. Subscribe to the Bio Locaux co-op network to enjoy our bread alongside a generous helping of farm-fresh produce.

Browse our sales outlets to find the closest sale point near you. Once you experience the atmosphere and pleasant staff, we’re sure we’ll become your new go-to bakery for all delicious bread and more.