If you're a bread enthusiast, you'll adore the traditional German pumpernickel bread baked by our talented team. With a long fermentation process and the freshest organic ingredients, we put love and care into every loaf.

Pumpernickel bread is perfect served with soups and can make a delightfully hearty sandwich.

If you've yet to give it a try, the time is now. Contact Boulangerie Des Rosiers and place an order today.

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Discover a Unique Loaf

Pumpernickel bread is typically characterized by its dark color, bulky weight, and slight sweetness. It is a part of the Rye family and is traditionally baked using a sourdough starter and a coarsely ground rye.

This loaf is considered healthy, known to help aid digestion, and contains nutritional plant compounds.

We have maintained tradition by baking our bread as near to its German origin as possible. It's a favourite among our regular patrons, and we're sure you'll love it too!

Fresh Pumpernickel Every Day

Pumpernickel bread is one of the most delicious savory treats for those who know its delights. There truly is nothing like some pumpernickel with a bit of butter and cheese. And here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we understand that the secret to making beautiful pumpernickel is to make it fresh every day.

You'll be pleased to know that we make fresh bread daily. This type of consistency and hard work ensures that our clients get the best product possible. Not only are we making our delicious bread every day, but the quality of the product that we are turning out is an artisanal beauty. We value traditional hand-done techniques, and we believe it certainly shines through in our delicious pumpernickel.

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Beautiful Pumpernickel Bread from a Clean Bakery

Any master of their craft knows, just as we do, the importance of working in a clean space. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the bakery so that our clients get the highest quality product possible.

A regular cleaning regimen and a clean-as-you-go philosophy in the bakery keep our product pure. We find too that our discipline in maintaining a clean bakery enhances our discipline as bakers, so the pumpernickel you get is more delicious each time you order it from us.

We look forward to impressing you with our skills. Call us any time for any pumpernickel inquiries you have.

Exceptional Pumpernickel Made by a Proud Baker

The baker behind it all, Daniel Des Rosiers, had a passion for baking long before he could ever be a baker in a professional capacity. After work, he would practice baking and refined his technique by taking his product to farmer's markets and applying the feedback he got to his subsequent baking sessions.

It is safe to say that Boulangerie Des Rosiers is run with passion. Daniel's love of baking is felt in every loaf of bread we sell. Every loaf has his stamp of approval. With a commitment to reinstating ancient grains into flour and other practices we implement to make better, more wholesome bread, you need not look any further if you are looking for a forward-thinking source for your bread.

Contact us today and ask us about the artisanal techniques to craft and bake our beautiful pumpernickel bread.

Pumpernickel Bread Made by Using Artisanal Technique

Our artisanal production techniques are the reason that our bread is so good. We combat the mass-produced bread by using time-tested techniques and higher quality ingredients because our clients can taste the difference.

Our production process involves slow fermentation – this allows for maximum flavour. Fermentation is baker's talk for "letting the dough rest" if you've ever baked before, you'd know that dough rises. This is the fermentation process, and when done correctly, it spells delicious bread.

We fold our dough by hand because it gives us better control over the result. Since we are interested in selling you the best loaf of pumpernickel that you've ever tasted, we are not willing to give up the techniques that we know work.

Feel Good About the Bread You Eat

At Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we know that the quality of a loaf of bread is only as good as the ingredients used to bake it. Our bakery is committed to using only locally sourced, organic ingredients to deliver our clients the quality taste they expect and deserve. When you know what ingredients are going into your food, you can feel good about what you and your family are eating. We are very proud to bake products that contribute to a healthy diet for all.

Our Pumpernickel Baking Methods

Our pumpernickel bread is as authentic as it gets in the area. Unlike most store-bought pumpernickel bread, which is colored using molasses, our loaves get their dark, rich color from whole rye kernels and a prolonged baking process. Baking our bread with traditional methods allows us to maintain its integrity and ensure quality too.

Pre-Order Your Pumpernickel Bread

Boulangerie Des Rosiers is on a mission of zero waste. To help us meet our goals, 99% of our bread is sold by pre-order. You can easily order your bread at one of our distributors to ensure there's fresh bread in your kitchen on a regular basis. Our products are also available at health food stores in and around the Montreal area.

If you have any questions about getting your hands on a fresh loaf of pumpernickel or any of our other celebrated bread, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email today.

Learn to Bake Pumpernickel and Other Traditional Bread

Our baker Daniel Des Rosiers is very passionate about sharing the knowledge and skillset he has developed in becoming a master bread maker. He offers a variety of courses and lectures to bakers and bread enthusiasts at all levels.

Whether you are interested in discovering the intricate fermentation and long-winded baking process needed to make pumpernickel, or you want to learn how to make perfect bread at home or in your own establishment, our courses are seeping with scientific information and tried and true methodology.

Try Our Delightful Pumpernickel Today

Traditional bread or German origin. It’s oldest reference dates from the year 1450! It has a black characteristic colour, obtained by a slow high heat cooking process.

A Bakery That Embraces Tradition

This traditional German food has a rich history and is one that we embrace by using an authentic bread recipe and fresh ingredients. By forgoing many shortcuts that come with modern breadmaking, we can create a product that is both true to its roots and tastes amazing. We use a slow fermentation process that can last up to 18 hours to ensure the best quality in our artisan bread. We even mill our own grains on site every day to provide our customers with the freshest taste possible.

Certified Organic Pumpernickel Bread

Our bread is certified organic through Ecocert Canada. Our dedication to using locally sourced and fresh ingredients means that you get a product that tastes fantastic while also being rich in fiber, lignans, vitamins, and minerals. We never use any out of place ingredients or preservatives, so you always get a natural and delicious loaf of bread.

The Benefits of Pumpernickel Bread

Although many of us don’t need an excuse to dig into a fresh loaf of bread, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of nutritional benefits to pumpernickel. Our commitment to using quality local ingredients, as well as an authentic recipe, results in a beautiful bread that could aid you in multiple ways. Let’s explore a few:

Pumpernickel Bread Aids Digestion

Studies have shown that pumpernickel contains four to eight times as much resistant starch when compared to bread made of wheat or barley. This results in a slower digestive process that can benefit your blood sugar.

Low Glycemic Load

A glycemic load (GL) is the measurement of the levels of carbohydrates in food in relation to how they affect blood glucose levels. Our traditional pumpernickel is a rye bread fermented with a sourdough starter. This results in a lower GL value than typical white or whole wheat bread. You can indulge without worrying about spikes in your blood glucose or insulin levels.

Can Help Fight Disease

Like other rye bread, pumpernickel is abundant in lignans. These are fiber-related compounds found naturally in many plants and can play a role in protecting the body against cancer and other diseases.

Weaker Gluten Levels

Pumpernickel and other rye bread are a great option if you are conscious of the amount of gluten you consume. When compared to other bread with higher gluten levels, such as white or wheat flour, rye creates a denser product with lower gluten levels. This means you can enjoy our delicious artisanal bread without loading up on gluten.

How Long Does Pumpernickel Bread Last?

When you’re in possession of pumpernickel bread as delicious as ours, there is a good chance it won’t be lasting long in your pantry. Due in large part to its irresistible taste, you more than likely won’t have to worry about longer-term storage. However, if you are curious about how long pumpernickel bread lasts and the best ways to store it, a quick chat with our baking professionals will give you the information you need to feel confident in your chosen storage methods.

Can You Freeze Pumpernickel Bread?

If you are interested in storing pumpernickel bread long-term, freezing is an excellent storage method. You’ll want to wrap individual slices (or the entire loaf) tightly before beginning the freezing process. You can choose aluminum foil, plastic wrap appropriate for the freezer, or heavy-duty style freezer bags to achieve this goal. While pumpernickel bread that is frozen consistently at the correct temperature will keep for much longer, we recommend a storage time of up to 3 months for the highest quality taste.

Would you like to explore different storage methods? Connect with our team to learn more about bread storage methods that make the most sense for you.

What Is Special About Pumpernickel Bread?

This crustless and preservative-free bread is special because of its historical significance as well as the many health benefits it has provided to people from ancient times, right up to our present day. Not only is pumpernickel rich in B-complex vitamins, including thiamin, niacin, and folate, it’s also a good source of other vitamins and minerals such as manganese, selenium, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

You can also count on this dense bread to be your go-to when you need food that includes increased dietary fiber. While we take great pride in the bread we offer, we are by no means medical professionals, so we always recommend checking with your health care provider before consuming new foods of any type specific to your medical condition.

We’re always looking forward to sharing our passion for specialty bread with the world. If you’d like to learn more about the way we make our mouth-watering pumpernickel loaves, or the fresh ingredients that go into them, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How to Eat Pumpernickel Bread

We imagine there are so many ways to consume pumpernickel bread, depending on your taste, that we’re hesitant to define specific ways for you to enjoy it, lest we leave out some favourites.

Suppose you’re new to enjoying delicatessen loaves. In that case, you might find a little inspiration helpful on your way to discovering your favourite way to pair a slice of pumpernickel bread with your preferred foods.

Some of our favourite ways to eat pumpernickel bread include:

  • Pumpernickel bread sandwiches
  • Pumpernickel bread with dip
  • Pumpernickel bread bowls
  • Pumpernickel bread slices paired with hearty chili or soup
  • And so much more!

Don’t be afraid to try bold flavour combinations that leave an unforgettable impression on your tastebuds. If you’re curious to know more about our favoritefavourite ways to pair pumpernickel bread with a meal, reach out to our team for more details.

Bakers Dedicated to Their Craft

Here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we are proud to say that we do everything to create the best bread possible. We are continually striving to improve our process and provide our customers with an artisanal product that is truly special. Our entire process is designed to create the best flavours and textures with our quality ingredients and keep our cherished customers coming back for more.

Organic Pumpernickel Bread Baked Daily

If you are looking for the best pumpernickel bread, then you can’t go wrong with our freshly baked loaves. Our artisanal bakers want to provide our customers with high-quality products, which includes our commitment to using the freshest possible ingredients and selling bread that has just come out of the oven.

Fresh Ingredients from Local Artisans

Our dedication to our craft begins from the very first stage of the process. We are honoured to have relationships with many suppliers throughout Quebec, including farmers and millers. We aim to support local while also creating real pumpernickel bread using ancient grains. In addition to this, we mill many of our own whole grain flours on-site, so you are guaranteed the freshest possible bread.

Certified Organic

As with all our bread, our pumpernickel is certified organic by Ecocert Canada. All our ingredients are verified to be organic, so you can feel good about the bread you are eating when you buy from us. Rather than just using organic flour, our dedication to traceable ingredients extends throughout our entire production.

Delicious Pumpernickel Bread

When you purchase bread from Boulangerie Des Rosiers, you will be able to taste the care and dedication that we put into it. Using high-quality pumpernickel flour, we make sure to give our dough the time it needs to reach its full potential. This allows us to produce an amazing pumpernickel loaf that is certain to provide you with an unforgettable tasting experience.

The Qualities of Artisan Pumpernickel

Although bread claiming to be pumpernickel can be found in most grocery stores, few of them are as authentic as the ones we bake. Made with whole grains, our dense loaves are rich in fibre and nutrients. Naturally coloured and full of flavour, we guarantee that you will be impressed with our artisan bread.

Experienced Local Bakers

As a well-established bakery with a commitment to excellence, we are continually pushing ourselves to create the best bread we can. The art of baking is one that is never truly mastered, but this has not stopped us from honing our abilities and finetuning our approach throughout our time in business. Our passion for what we do is part of what has kept us in business for so long, and we hope that we can share the fruits of our labour with you.

Find Our Pumpernickel Bread Throughout Quebec

We proudly ship our bread to many retailers throughout the province, so you don’t necessarily have to be nearby to taste our amazing products. If you are interested in trying some of our artisan pumpernickel, we encourage you to check out our sales outlet page and find the nearest place that we sell our bread.

Contact Us Our Bakery Today

We are always happy to answer questions and talk more about our various bread. If you would like to learn more, we invite you to reach out to us through email or the contact page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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