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Daniel Des Rosiers: profile and background

Daniel Des Rosiers had always enjoyed making bread in his spare time. Self-taught at first, he picked up the knowledge and techniques needed to perfect the baker’s art. The first class was with Dominic Homo, teacher and owner of the baking school in Bois-des-Fillions, in 2008( now closed).

In 2012, his daughter Nathalie, a graduate in cuisine of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec, was working extensively in great restaurants around the world. She brought back dozens of traditional bread recipes, which Daniel enjoyed reproducing. In the course of these experiments he developed a true passion for a style of baking combining ancient grain and traditional techniques.

By baking, becoming a baker

For two years, after his day job, Daniel would bake. He start selling his breads on Saturdays at the local farmer’s markets. He develop enough expertise to help a local mill ( le Moulin des cedres) to commercialised their flour. For the first 2 years of operation, Boulangerie Des Rosiers was located within le Moulin des cedres. Realizing that things were going well, he hired professional baker Rosalie Bergeron to better manage production while he continued to work in the world of finance.

Due to the success, the Boulangerie had to move to a larger location and in January 2017 we moved to Vaudreuil Dorion. Boulangerie Des Rosiers is a production bakery that sell their bread throught health food store.

Over the years, Daniel Des Rosiers carried on fine-tuning his craft. Every year he traveled here and there in the United States to take courses offered by well-known bakers – including Jeffrey Hamelman and Didier Rosada, Daniel is a members of the Bread Bakers Guild of America.

Finally ready to turn his passion for baking into a career, he stepped down as a financial advisor in 2017 to bake full time. Today, the bakery is operating at full capacity. And his breads, like his sales outlets, are evolving.

Daniel Des Rosiers’s commitment

« I take great pride in working with artisans everywhere in Québec, from re instating ancient grains in the bio diversity of the food chain to their transformation into flour. Our artisanal production process involve slow fermentation, this allow the flavor enzyme to continue to work as the wild yeast take a rest.. Sourdough is an mariage dance between bacteria and wild yeast. »

Courses and lectures

With the expertise he’s acquired in sourdough bread production as well as ancient grain, Daniel Des Rosiers is eager to pass on his knowledge. As a result he’s offering courses and lectures on making sourdough bread, available to both bakers and the general public. Get in touch with him to find out more.

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