Bakery in Verdun

What separates good bread from great bread is the time, patience, and care that goes into baking each loaf. Here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we embrace the time-honored methods of past artisans and bread makers. The rest of the world might be rushing to make baking more efficient, but we are more interested in making sure our bread is nutrient-rich and excellent. That is why we do things the authentic way.

To try some of our bread for yourself, we welcome you to visit our seller Chez Robin at 3819 Rue Wellington, Verdun, QC, H4G 1V1. Contact us at Boulangerie Des Rosiers to learn more!


A Local Bakery Whose Ingredients and Suppliers Are Local Too

More than ever, people are looking to support local businesses. They want to see their neighborhoods flourish, and they want to know their money is going to the right place.

When you purchase your bread from us, you’re not just supporting one local business; you’re supporting an entire supply-chain of local certified organic industries. Our ancient grains don’t arrive via shipping containers or airplanes; they come from the farms that surround our community.

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A Different Kind of French Bakery: Local Ingredients and Recipes from Near and Far

Our ingredients might come from right out our front door, but our inspiration comes from all over the world. Through years of research and study, we’ve mastered recipes from both local artisans and cultures as far away as eastern Europe and Ethiopia.

We believe food is meant to be celebrated, no matter where it comes from. Our goal is to honor the recipes and traditions of our ancestors and other cultures and to treat them with the respect they deserve.

A 100% Sourdough Organic Bakery: Good for Your Flora

Like our ancestors and the inhabitants of civilizations from days gone by, we use sourdough exclusively. Many people remember sourdoughs and starters from their grandparent’s kitchens but haven’t given it a single thought for years, but the truth is that it is exponentially healthier than plain white bread.

It is believed that sourdough was first used around 1,500 BC in ancient Egypt. It remained the standard form of bread leavening for centuries until it was replaced by baker’s yeast some time ago.

Why is sourdough still used today, and what are its health benefits? One of the biggest reasons that sourdough is favored among artisans and those mindful of their health is that it is much easier to digest than other types of bread dough. The lactic acid present in sourdough—which is also found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut—help the dough rise without the help of modern yeast.

The healthy bacteria in sourdough doesn’t just lie dormant, either. During the preparation stages, the bacteria in sourdough breaks down gluten, making it more digestible. The lengthy task of hand-folding the sourdough over a several-hour period also helps to break down the gluten and give it the unique flavor we love.

We Pursue Passions, Not Profits: A Bakery, Not a Business

Mr. Des Rosiers wasn’t motivated by money or local fame when he first began baking bread late in his life. He began baking bread because he had always had a passion for cooking. His spare time was spent experimenting with recipes, learning from the masters, and perfecting his craft. Before long, his beloved loaves developed a reputation for excellence.

As Boulangerie Des Rosiers continues to grow, the passion for baking remains. It is what fuels our pursuits.

Whole Food, Slow Food: An Organic Bakery That Strives for Authenticity

From the milling of ancient grains on site to the lengthy fermentation stages, and folding of dough by hand, we do everything the long way. This hands-on approach isn’t just a gimmick—it is what makes our bread firm, delectable, and easily digestible. Commercial kneading machines and conventional yeasts might produce similar looking loaves, but they’ll never be as nutrient-rich and unique as loaves made with our level of care.

Our Whole Grain Bakery Makes Bread for Everyone

Our wide selection includes:

  • Landbrot Bread
  • Volkornbrot Bread
  • Smoked Baguette
  • Russian Bread
  • Country-Style
  • Buckwheat
  • Apple-Cranberry
  • Einkorn Bread
  • …and more!

Are You in Search of a Gluten-Free Bakery with Many Options?

Here, our gluten-free loaves aren’t mere afterthoughts. These varied and aromatic loaves are made with the same care and attention as our other loaves.

We invite you to try our low-gluten sprouted wheat loaves which are malty, crumbly, and perfect for sandwiches. Alternatively, there is the Ethiopian Teff bread, made from gluten-free flour with a mildly nutty taste that pairs perfectly with duck confit and various spreads.

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