Val-David Bakery

If you want organic and authentic bread that is baked in your own community from locally sourced grains and artisanal methods, we invite you to try our bread at Boulangerie Des Rosiers. Using 100% sourdoughs made from hand-milled grains, our bread is simply unbeatable. Contact us at Boulangerie Des Rosiers today to learn more!

If you would like to try one of our fresh loaves for yourself, we invite you to visit our trusted seller Marché d’été de Val-David at 1361 de l’Académie in Val-David, Québec. Here you’ll find a wide variety of our freshly baked bread, our smoked baguettes, and more.


Strictly Sourdough: Our Whole Grain Bakery Does Bread the Right Way

Here at our bakery, every single loaf is made with 100% sourdough (flour and water). This might seem like a novel approach to baking, but it is actually the very same way that bread was made for centuries and centuries all over the world.

The end result? Nutrient-rich that is both delicious and much more digestible than the convention loaf of bread found at your nearby grocery store.

Would you like to try some of our bread for yourself? Contact us today!

Our French Bakery Befriends Local Farmers and Suppliers

Being a local bakery is one thing but being a bakery that supports other local industries is another. Here at Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we go out of our way to make sure all our ingredients are coming from the right places. It is important to know the people you are working with on a personal level, and it is important to be invested in one another’s well-being. That’s what being a local business is about, and that is one of the reasons our clients love to support us. The quality of our bread being another big reason too, of course.

Every week, we receive shipments of the best ancient grains from all over the Québec province. These grains aren’t just available to any baker, as many are not yet available on the commercial market. Through our strong ties with local farmers, we have been granted the privilege to work with these grains, and we are forever grateful.

It is important to know where your grains come from. Much like the grapes of a vineyard, their flavor profile changes depending on the surrounding ecosystem. Our grains and flours ensure that you won’t find flavor profiles like ours anywhere else.

The Importance of Tradition in Our Whole Grain Bakery

While we value innovation and have made many culinary breakthroughs as a result of experimentation, all our practices are rooted in the long-held traditions artisanal bakers near and far. If we didn’t take the time to travel, research, and master the world’s many approaches to milling, fermenting, and baking, we would not have succeeded at the wonderful bread we produce today.

What Does it Take to be a Certified Organic Bakery?

We are a certified organic bakery. What this means is that every single ingredient in our bakery comes from a certified organic farmer or supplier. The end result: loaves of bread that are ethical and also taste incredible!

Fermentation & The French Bakery

All of our breads undergo a lengthy fermentation process that can take from anywhere to 12 to 18 hours. Without this process, exploiting those essential flavor enzymes would be impossible.

Fermentation might take a while, but one bite of our bread and you’ll agree with us that it is worth the wait.

Our Organic Bakery Folds Its Dough by Hand

After the fermentation process, we hand-fold our dough manually several times over a period of several hours. This literal hands-on approach gives us the ability to knead the dough in a delicate way that a machine is incapable of.

For Those Who Long for a Gluten-Free Bakery

Our generation has become so used to bread containing high levels of gluten, that we have come to think of gluten-free or low-gluten bread as inauthentic or even trendy. The reality couldn’t be more different.

It was only with the advent of commercial bread companies that the levels of gluten in bread became so high. To optimize the growth and production of grain, commercial farmers began pollinating and crossbreeding their grains to increase gluten content. The end result was glutinous bread that turned many people gluten intolerant.

Gluten-free breads aren’t inauthentic. For centuries, other cultures have included gluten-free loaves like ours in their regular diets. And all our sourdough breads are always significantly lower in gluten than commercial bread products due to the nature of their preparation and baking processes.

Contact Our Bakery Today to Learn More

Are you ready to count your health food store among the many others that already carry our wonderful loaves? If so, contact us at Boulangerie Des Rosiers today. We look forward to working with you!