Bakery in Saint Sauveur

If you are looking for an authentic bakery that offers a wide variety of bread for incredible prices, look no further than the rustic and nutrient-rich loaves courtesy of Boulangerie Des Rosiers. Our business grows with each passing day, but that doesn’t mean our baking methods ever change.

To try some of our bread for yourself, we invite you to visit our partners Simplement Vrac at 27 de l’Église Saint-Sauveur, Québec J0R 1R0.


An Organic Bakery Built on Artisanal Methods and Unbelievable Bread

Now more than ever, people are hungry for food that is made with care. They don’t want low-nutrient junk food or loaves of bread sealed in plastic. They want bread that is high-quality and whose origins trace back to their very own community.

With us, that is the exact kind of bread you get. Our ancient grains come from a local farmer, and they are milled on site by us, ensuring that our flour has the perfect granulometry.

That said, people aren’t going to simply buy bread because it is made ethically and with enthusiasm. It also needs to be delicious. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with our bread. All it takes is one bite of our bread for you to turn from a first-time buyer to a lifetime customer.

It’s the Little Things That Make a Bakery Authentic

Rather than tell people we value authenticity and community, we prefer to show people.

From always using fresh flours that we get directly from local farmers throughout Québec to knowing all our beloved customers on a first name basis, we go the extra mile. It is those sort of things that make a difference in this world.

Would you like to hear more about our bread and baking methods? Contact our French bakery today!

No Commercial Kneading Machines in Our Bakery

A commercial kneading machine can knead dough in as little time as six minutes. While this might seem like an essential piece of time-saving equipment for a fast-paced bakery, we are not that kind of bakery. A machine like that would do more harm than good to our bread. While it might knead the dough quickly, it would also tear apart the dough and damage the structure of the very-fragile ancient grains.

Instead, we fold our dough by hand. This might seem like the slow approach to some, but ‘slow food’ is precisely what we are after.

Slow Food and Sourdough: The Organic Bakery Approach

What goes into a single loaf of bread? It begins with making the sourdough from coarse flour and bringing the dough to an optimal pH of 6.5. After that, the dough is fermented for 12-18 hours. Then begins the process of folding the dough by hand!

The Ecocert Seal of Approval: A Certified Organic Bakery

Some businesses say they’re organic, but few have the official certification to back it up. It is about more than just having organic flour; it is about every single ingredient in your facility already having that Certified Organic seal of approval, too.

Ancient Methods and Ancient Grains: A True Whole Grain Bakery

Our variety of locally and ethically sourced organic grains are what made our bread so remarkable. Without them, our bread wouldn’t be able to meet anybody’s standards—and they certainly wouldn’t meet ours!

Over a Dozen Varieties of Bread Available Weekly at Our Certified Organic Bakery

Some of our most beloved bread options include:

  • Volkornbrot Bread
  • Smoked Baguette
  • Rugbrod Bread
  • Miso Loaves
  • Teff Bread
  • Pumpernickel
  • Apple-Cranberry
  • …and more!

For Those Seeking a Gluten-Free Bakery

Because of the way commercial bread has been made throughout the 20th century, many people have developed an intolerance to gluten. To best optimize grain productivity and increase gluten strength, commercial farmers have pollinated and crossbred wheat. This has resulted in many people developing an intolerance to gluten.

While gluten-free bread is readily available in most grocery stores, the quality often varies from passable to sub-standard. That is because many bakers treat gluten-free and low-gluten bread as an afterthought. We, on the other hand, take gluten-free bread very seriously. For those with Celiac disease, our bread is a godsend.

Every one of our loaves, in fact, has significantly less gluten than other commercially baked bread products. This is because we use 100% sourdoughs. Sourdough has the ability to break down gluten proteins as it ferments and endures the lengthy folding processes.

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If you happen to find yourself in the Saint Sauveur area any time soon, we invite you to stop by to try any one of our amazing loaves of bread. . We look forward to hearing from you.