Bakery in Saint-Lazare

Boulangerie Des Rosiers is your source for beautifully prepared fresh bread. Using traditional methods, we make our bread with care and patience. Enjoy delicious, wholesome, and healthy bread the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Our 100% sourdough bread is certified organic, prepared from ancient grains and fermented over long periods for exceptional flavor and texture.

Our charming facility welcomes residents of Saint-Lazare to try our delectable bread, made fresh daily, and available at unbelievable prices!

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Traditional Artisanal Baking in Our State-Of-The-Art Facility

At Boulangerie Des Rosiers, we prepare bread the way it was meant to be––light and airy, yet nourishing and full of substance. Our bread is perfect for sandwiches, toast, croutons, or simply on its own with a little butter. You'll be astonished by the natural flavors in our loaves of bread.

We use artisanal methods, including milling our whole grain flour on-site. Our team works alongside numerous artisans and farmers all over Quebec. The highest quality bread can only originate from the highest quality ingredients, and so we have discerning taste when it comes to our materials and ingredients.

We look forward to showing you through our selections of fresh bread, and can recommend the best type to use for a particular dish!

We have several outlet locations to serve you best. To learn more about our products, contact us today!

Extensive Selection of Artisan Bread, Prepared with Ancient Grains and Proven Methods

We have a wide selection of loaves and baguettes to suit every taste. These include the following:

  • Landbrot Bread
  • Volkornbrot Bread
  • Smoked Baguette
  • Multigrain Bread
  • Country-Style Bread
  • Einkorn Bread
  • Ancestral Bread
  • Sprouted Wheat
  • Russian Bread
  • Teff Bread
  • Miso Bread
  • Quinoa Bread
  • Buckwheat
  • Apple-Cranberry Bread
  • Rye Bread
  • Ruispala Bread
  • Pumpernickel Bread

Our dough is slowly fermented over 12-18 hours to give superior consistency and flavor. Because of our process, our bread has low gluten content and is very easy to digest.

Taste the difference quality makes with our outstanding, certified organic sourdough bread! Stop by our bakery today and see for yourself.

Discover the Rustic Charm of Our German Landbrot

Return to the flavors of the old country with our German Landbrot bread. With a nice acidity at first taste and a mustard finish, the Landbrot sums up hundreds of years of baking traditions. We only use organic flours—a combination of unbleached wheat and integral rye—and sourdough to produce an unforgettable texture and flavour.

Baked in virtually every region of Germany, the Landbrot has long been a dietary staple of southern Germany's mountain valleys and northern Germany's rainy plains. Inspired by the heartiness and variety of each region's interpretation, we have created a bread that's sure to wet the whole family's palate.

Visit one of our many vendors throughout the area to pick up a loaf for yourself.

Fill Up with the Distinctive Flavour of Our Volkornbrot

Following in the tradition of bread that will keep you full the whole day long, our German Volkornbrot is a staff favorite. With its distinctive aromas and flavours of rye, honey, and molasses, this bread won't just fill you up, it'll fill your palate too.

Perfect for open-faced sandwiches of deli meats, smoked fish, or cheese, or toasted with salted butter and honey, you're sure to fall in love with this dark, Nordic-style bread.

It's love at first bite.

Time Travel with Our Ancestral Bread and Sprouted Wheat

Using the most ancient crop cultivated by humans in recorded history, known as emmer or farro, our ancestral bread offers a literal taste of history. And boy, does it taste good. If the ancients knew anything, they knew how to make delicious and nutritious bread.

To make these delicious loaves, we use a combination of flours, wheat, and sourdough, to create an incomparable taste experience:

  • Unbleached organic wheat flour
  • Integral organic flour (Kamut, spelt, and Red Fife)
  • Organic sourdough
  • Emmer also known as organic sprouted wheat
  • Filtered and vortex structured water
  • Grey Guérande salt
  • May contain sesame seeds

This is the perfect everyday bread. Give your lunch sandwich the taste of the ages, with our Ancestral Bread!

Try Pumpernickel Bread in the German Tradition

Every Canadian has tried pumpernickel at some point. But not like this. Traditional German pumpernickel is not a sandwich bread. It is an extremely dense combination of darkly-coloured organic rye, sourdough, and beet syrup. Upon biting into it, you will notice flavours of barley, malt, chocolate, and coffee, that end with earthy notes of sugar beets.

Meant to be sliced thinly and eaten with soups, breakfast, or salads, the pumpernickel is most enjoyed like a soft cracker. Layer your favorite spreads and delicious toppings to create the perfect combination of flavours for your taste.

The Smoked Baguette: A Spanish Twist on a French Tradition

Made with a unique technique inspired by the brioche made famous by Spanish restaurant El Bulli, this Spanish-style baguette capitalizes on the taste sensations of smoked flour. Its exterior is crispy and crusty, pocked with lovely dimples. Light and airy on the inside, the smoked baguette stays true to its name and delivers an unforgettable smoky flavour.

Bakers with Unmatched Skill and Passion

We have been baking bread according to traditional artisanal methods for years.

What began as an avid hobby has become a thriving business with an unmatched reputation for quality and expertise. We are a fully equipped bakery with extensive hours of availability and several great locations.

When you need the best quality bread at unbeatable low costs, we are the company to visit. Stop by today!

Enjoy Fresh Bread the Way It Was Meant to Be

If you have a passion for fresh and lovingly prepared bread, look no further than the experts at Boulangerie Des Rosiers. We have the passion and resources you have been searching for!

We invite you to pass by our bakery today. We promise to exceed your expectations!

To learn more, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!